Our Team

Meredith Pierce – Co-Founder and Visionary

Meredith is not a morning person. She has always been frustrated when she is on vacation and wakes up to find her husband has gone to save some pool chairs. While sitting by the pool in the Dominican Republic she witnessed two men come to blows over a pool chair when she thought “there has to be a better way”. Thus began the journey to solve this universal problem through technology. Meredith has used her 25 years of design experience as an entrepreneur to help define and create the User Experience that has become the game-changing platform - SaveMyChairs. Since witnessing this incident in 2014, airlines began charging for extra legroom, theatres gave you a choice to select VIP seats and the world began to demand the customized “order ahead” experience. And so, SaveMyChairs was born.

Bliss Baker – CEO & Chief Strategist

Bliss is a morning person. As a consequence he is the one who gets up early in the morning on vacation to save the pool chairs for the family. As a seasoned entrepreneur with a shortage of patience, an intolerance for “business as usual” and an ambition to create significant change, he has pulled together a top-notch team and business plan to change the resort pool experience forever. Bliss has a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and has rarely taken a common approach to any business challenge. While at the London School of Economics he once scaled LSE’s seven-story administrative building using mountain equipment to raise money for a campus venture. He dreams of someday sleeping in on vacation but until then he will drive the rollout of this innovative platform globally as CEO and Chief Strategist

Paul West – Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Paul doesn’t take vacations. As a veteran CTO with over 20 years of experience and a track record of success in the resort industry he knows what it takes to succeed; a relentless attention to detail and refinement. Paul’s first successful platform development in the hospitality sector gave him an indelible appreciation for the operational issues that resorts face on a daily basis. His love for technology and his experience in the hospitality industry developing software solutions provides him with tremendous insight into what it takes to create a truly superior guest experience. Paul will take a vacation when we have successfully changed the hotel pool experience forever.

Tracy McCoy – Director of Marketing Operations

Tracy is a seasoned hospitality professional with extensive experience in hotel operations and digital marketing that makes her an integral part of the SaveMyChairs team. As someone obsessed with improving the hotel guest experience Tracy knows first hand the challenges that hotel staff face when managing busy resort pools and guest expectations. Having intervened as a hotel manager in guest skirmishes over pool chairs, Tracy looks forward to changing the guest pool experience forever with the launch of the new platform. She can’t wait to introduce General Managers to the Pool Experience Manager integrated into the SaveMyChairs platform that will once and for all resolve the universal pool chair challenge.